Duck Delivery Produce ensures that you will get the freshest produce available, guaranteed. Whether you are looking for fruits or vegetables, or custom-cut produce items, Duck Delivery can provide it all. With our growing dairy, grocery, and dry goods category as well, Duck Delivery has truly created the best in one-stop-shopping for the foodservice industry. Our wide offering of local and organic produce also assures that you are getting the highest quality product, as well as helping your local farmers!

Fresh Produce

Fresh Produce is delivered daily to our fully refrigerated facility. Our product line consists of fresh fruits and vegetables from all over the world.

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Food Safety

Even though our high rate of rotation ensures extremely fresh product, our management and staff go the extra mile when it comes to food safety. Preventing food borne illness is paramount at each of our facilities. In addition to our strict HACCP program, all of our facilities have the honor of being distinguished as a SQF Level 3 facilities, the highest certification available. Constant microbial inspection and stringent employee training programs ensure that our products are fresh, clean, and safe. Our in-house and independent product and environmental tests are in full compliance with FDA, ODA, and the EPA. It is our belief that food safety begins in the field. We monitor our produce continually and only accept product from farmers and suppliers that uphold our philosophy and maintain the unbroken cold chain and Good Manufacturing Practices.

Fresh Cut and Processed

Duck Delivery Produce, Inc. also offers fresh cut fruits and vegetables. Whether you need product for regular daily use or a special event, we have many custom-cut products, salads, and kits available. • Salad Merchandiser Trays • Platters • Salads & Kits • Grab-n-Go • Hand-built Items Please contact our Sales Department for market changes and availability of products.

Organic Produce

Duck Delivery Produce, Inc. carries a full line of organic fruits and vegetables for foodservice and retail operations. We have dedicated Organic Buyers who specialize in bringing the latest in fresh organics to our customers. We maintain a dedicated “Organic Only” space in our warehouse.

Specialty Produce

Whether you are shopping for exotic baby vegetables, fresh herbs, or wild mushrooms, Duck Delivery Produce, Inc. can meet your specialty produce needs through our local and global suppliers. View Specialty Produce (PDF) View Wild Mushroom (PDF)

Grocery List

We also carry many different lines of grocery items, from fresh dairy to frozen products. Please contact our sales department or grocery buyer. View Grocery Line (PDF)